Our Products



KIDS has the full range of valves for water applications (chilled water and potable/plumbing); from small sizes for commercial/residential applications (such as PICVs, valve package) and large valves for industrial applications (such as large gate and butterfly valves for networks, district cooling plants). Their valves have been regularly installed in various prestigious projects in the MENA region.


VALVO supplies valves for potable water systems, focusing on large iron valves for water networks and small brass valves for commercial applications.


MADDALENA Italy supplies ultrasonic energy meters (BTU meters) that are used to measure the energy consumption from cooling through chilled water systems.


TRUWATER manufactures CTI certified cooling towers from Malaysia. They have the full range of cooling towers, from packaged units for small capacities to individually designed, field erected cooling towers (both cross-flow and counter-flow) for large design capacities such as for industrial applications and district cooling plants.
Truwater cooling towers have been widely supplied in numerous international markets.

In the UAE, they are one of the preferred vendors of EMPOWER in Dubai, which is the biggest district cooling provider in the world.